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Improving the gravelroad Kostomuksha-Kalevela (KA184)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to improve the gravel road Kostomuksha-Kalevala (150km) using Finnish-Swedish knowhow and experiences as a pilot project.

Main activities

• Transfer of knowhow, training, study trips for roadworkers. • Improving a gravel road with help of profiling and the regular use of calcium chloride (dustbinding). • Making an educational video in order to transfer this knowhow to other regions in Russia.


The main idea of the project was to use Scandinavian experiences on gravel road management in the Russian Federation. In practice this meant the use of a special top-layer of grinded gravel, regular profiling of the road and the use of calcium chloride for dustbinding. As a result of the project a total amount of 70 km was improved: Kostomuksha-Voknavolok 51 km, Voknavolok-Ponkaguba 3.5 km (Upravtodor) and Voinitsa-Reka Pisto 17 km. Transfer of knowhow was achieved also through study trips to Suomussalmi where the Russian road experts could see how road improvement can be done quickly with the right equipment. Now officials from MinStroi, Most and local DRSU´s from Kostomuksha and Kalevala know the principles of Scandinavian gravel road management. Educational videos were sent to all the DRSU departments of North-West Russia.

Basic information



2011-05-05 - 2014-05-04

Total Budget / Programme funding

1 200 000 € / 1 075 040 €

Lead partner

Municipality of Suomussalmi
Lead partner web-site


The Ministry of Construction of the Republic Karelia
City of Kostomuksha
District of Kalevala
OOO Swedwood Karelia
DRSU Kostomuksha (Ministry of Construction)
Finnmap Infra Oy