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Improvement of waste oil management in North-West Russia and South-East Finland (SE558)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Reduction of negative impact of oil waste on soil, water, air and quality of human`s life in the regions of South-East Finland and North-West Russia. Elimination of negative factors caused by imperfect system of collecting, transportation and recycling of waste oils in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Regions. Development of cross-border cooperation in waste oil management between South-East Finland and North-West Russia by means of using capacities of the existing factory for waste oil recycling in Port of Hamina (Finland) and introduction of the best practice of Finland, in the field of waste oil collection, storage, transportation, recycling and recovering. Increasing of commercial efficiency of waste oil industry in Russia and development of the supply chain for trans-boundary movement of waste oils from Russia to Finnish recycling companies. Boost the information level of the best practice in waste oil handling for top management and other responsible staff of waste producers in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Regions. Increase the transparent/legality of the waste oil handling in North-West Russia.

Main activities

- Research of Russian legislation in reference to hazardous waste management (especially to waste oil handling): restrictions, decrees, fines and penalties. - Update researching of trans-boundary movement of hazardous waste. - Clarification of the financial flows according to Russian legislation regarding hazardous waste (especially regarding waste oil): payments, fees, optional costs, who pays whom. - Research of collection, logistics, treatment and recovery technologies for waste oils which are used in Finland. - Research of responsibility of waste oil and other hazardous waste management in different steps of the management chain (and for different hazardous waste materials) basing on Finnish experience. - Collecting information about companies of oil waste management operating in S-Pb and Leningrad Region + its technologies, costs, customers. - Collecting information about oil waste producers (motor pools, factories, railway operators, etc.) in S-Pb and Leningrad Region: kinds of waste oil, costs, storage possibilities and other conditions basing on statistical data and real situation. - Improvement and support of the existing specialized web-portal "Material Exchange" for better operating and connection between waste oil producers and waste oil recycles. - Development of the logistic chain of collection and storage of waste oil in SPb and Leningrad Region for further shipment to Finland for recycling. - Analyzing and verification the developed waste oil logistic chain. - Research of the main environmental impacts for Russian and Finnish territory of the proposed oil waste management chains (collection, transportation, treatment, utilization) compared to the present and optional solutions. - Organization of seminars for waste oil producers in S-Pb and South-East Finland: legislation, current situation with waste oil management, environmental impact, Finnish experience of waste oil management and range of most effective recycling technologies, description of proposed waste oil management chain. - Providing factory tour in L&T Recoil`s waste oil recycling plant (Port of Hamina, Finland) for seminars participants. - Implementation of a pilot logistic chain for further scaling in Program area: equipment leasing, document management, recruiting and other resources establishment.


The project results were: permit for trans-boundary movement of waste from Russian Federation to Finland was formed by Rosprirodnadzor, license for export of waste oil from Russian Federation to Finland was formed by Ministry of Trade and Industry, the truck for proper collecting of waste oil was bought and imported to Ecotrans facility in Leningrad Region and the construction works for waste oil storage facility were almost finished.

Basic information


Clean Oil


2012-02-02 - 2014-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

820 018 € / 644 586 €

Lead partner

Ecotrans JSC
Lead partner web-site


Saint-Petersburg State University of Engeneering and Economics
L&T Recoil Oy
Lappeenranta University of Technology