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Improvement of the environment and living standards is the basis for modern rural development (KA255)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to enhance the quality of life and solving health issues (pure drinking water, nice and clean environment) of the people in Pryazha and Kalevala national districts of the Republic of Karelia.

Main activities

• Identify the existing problems and challenges in this area as for today. • Studying Finnish experience and knowledge in the area of decentralized low-cost systems of water supply and waste water treatment in small settlements. • Development of the model for local decentralized water supply and waste water treatment systems. • Elaboration of recommendations and technical solutions (design drawing) for the development of such systems on the basis of the knowledge and experience got from the Finnish partners. • Implementation of demonstration projects, implementation of small investment projects on local water supply and waste water treatment, with the aim to demonstrate actual advantages of modern environmental technologies. • Increasing awareness and dissemination of the information on the newest technologies in the area of water supply and waste water treatment systems. • Assistance to the development of entrepreneurship activities in the area of creating technical solutions, manufacturing and installing local decentralized environmentally-friendly water supply and waste water treatment systems. • Development and introduction of a training course for the municipal utility college (in Petrozavodsk), for specialists in the field of water supply and waste water treatment in the districts of the RK.


New models of water supply and waste water treatment for particular local systems were created. New training courses in the field of water supply and waste water treatment were developed and introduced. Local civil servants/specialists obtained new skills and their knowledge increased. Local managers, engineers and users received information and knowledge on newest public utility technologies. Three pilot objects (buildings) for construction of completely new water supply and waste water utilization systems were preliminary discussed and selected by project experts and local stakeholders, in Kalevala, Kroshnozero and Chalna settlements. In addition a draw-well in Borovoi and two draw-wells in Sjapsja villages were rehabilitated and now used by the citizens. All the developed pilot objects are real outputs indicating the achievement of the specific objective: they are low cost, modern and efficient and can be easily replicated in other places. Thus the quality of life of local inhabitants will improve in long-term perspective. It is envisaged that the new technologies and equipment introduced during the project implementation continue their successful work after the completion of the Action. Thus the main outcomes for the final beneficiaries (citizens of Kalevala, Borovoi, Kroshnozero, Chalna and Sjapsja) are cleaner environment, more comfortable life and pure drinking water. Main outcomes for the target group comprising representatives of local administrations, managers of local utility companies and teachers of the College are new skills and knowledge in the field of water supply and waste water treatment systems. It is planned that the students and graduates of the College also will get contemporary skills and knowledge in the same field. All benefits obtained by the final beneficiaries and target groups should improve the situation if the target districts and even in Karelia in general in long-run perspective.

Basic information



2011-03-01 - 2013-02-28

Total Budget / Programme funding

279 000 € / 250 000 €

Lead partner

Autonomous non-profit organization “Energy Efficiency Center”
Lead partner web-site


Finnterrus Oy
Northern Water Problems Institute Karelian Research Center Russian Academy of Sciences
Federal state educational facility for secondary vocational training «Petrozavodsk Municipal Utility