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Imatra-Svetogorsk RBCs’ Development (SE590)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Strengthen local and regional sustainable economic development in the programme area by facilitating the process of upgrading the status of Svetogorsk - Imatra border crossing and its essential infrastructure studies. Carry out a railway study revealing and justifying the needs of infrastructure and border traffic management changes basing on significant modifications in railway cargo patterns (redistribution) between South Finland and Russia. Elaborate the experts estimates on export-import and transit cargo via Imatra-Svetogorsk and recommendations on Imatra-Svetogorsk railway stations and Imatra-Svetogorsk Border Crossing (BC) development. Equip Svetogorsk RBC by prior most essential technical means with (hereafter – prior technical equipment).

Main activities

- Tendering procedure of the railway study. - Analysis of the current situation Imatra-border. - Producing of the possible variants to be analysed and impact analysis (comparing the cargo forecasts from the both sides including forecasts for Imatra-Svetogorsk BC) assessing environmental impacts on the Finnish side. - Agreeing upon of the justified future railway network development and carrying out justified preliminary engineering between Imatra and border on the Finnish side. Recommendations for the Russian side on further Svetogorsk railway station and BC development. - Compiling of technical report. - Tendering procedures of planning and installation of Svetogorsk BC prior technical equipment. - Carrying out planning and installation on Svetogorsk BC prior technical equipment. Preparing and agreeing, purchase, assembling and commissioning the prior technical equipment on the Svetogorsk BC. - Transfer of the prior technical equipment to a future property holder for the Svetogorsk BC. - Compiling of technical report with conclusions, report’s dissemination (Svetogorsk BC).


The needs assessment report was finished and published in autumn 2013. Current land use situation and future prospects on the Finnish side have been assessed and the required improvement measures for the railway network have been identified between Imatra and Russian border. The planning principles and planning program for the general railway design were approved 19.12.2013. General and engineering plans for the Imatra-Imatrankoski-border section will be prepared in 2013-2015. Construction planning and construction will begin in 2015-2016 at the earliest. Cost-benefit analysis of constructing Luumaki-Imatra double rail has been completed. The needed equipment required for controlling the railway cargo on the Russian side was listed and the procurement process of the equipment was carried out. The actual procurement took place in 2014.

Basic information


Imatra-Svetogorsk RBCs' Development


2012-02-01 - 2014-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

824 000 € / 659 000 €

Lead partner

The Finnish Transport Agency
Lead partner web-site


North-West Territorial Administration of Rosgranitsa
Imatra region development company
Directorate for Construction and Operation of Rosgranista-Rosgranstroy