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Hotellinx training and support services
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to improve the competitiveness of the participating tourist companies by introducing a modern hotel system in order to develop the travel from Russia. With the help of the Hotellinx training, the sales and marketing of the companies´ services for the Russian tourists was going to improve, thanks to the efficient use of the hotel programme and the sales community made possible by the new system. The Russian tourists were going to be an important customer group for the companies also in the following years. The joint hotel system was going to enhance the networking of companies and make the cooperation more efficient between them, for example in the centre reservation operation. In the learning about the utilization of the telematics, the participants were going to receive information about the differences between traditional and electronic marketing and sales, about the use of web pages as a help for the marketing and about the monitoring of competition and benchmarking. The training was going to lower the threshold for the companies to take the modern hotel programme into use and to join the joint network of Russian sales. Companies from Kajaani, Sotkamo, Kuhmo and Puolanka were involved in the project. All of the companies already had Russian customers.

Main activities


Basic information


Hotellinx training and support services


1999-09-01 - 2000-06-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

57 770 € / 28 885 €

Lead partner

Arffman Consulting Oy
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