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EXTRE – immigrants into working life
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to train Russian-speaking job seekers of working age who have moved to Finland, so that their experience can be used by the business community of the region. The applicants needed to have at least a college degree or work experience for themselves. The education was going to be divided into a four-month education period and to a three-month training period. The project was born out of the initiative of the North Karelia Employment agency, who had received information about the need for employees fluent in Russian, from the companies of the service sector. A survey was conducted to the companies of the service sector, on the basis of which the planning of the education was done. This was done because among the job applicants, there were over 200 people, who had migrated back to Finland from Russia. The employment agency tendered out the execution of the project between five companies, who were at time organizing suitable education. Four of the companies were ready to be involved in the project, and the VesaP Ltd. was chosen to be the project´s executing party.

Main activities


Basic information


EXTRE - immigrants into working life


1998-09-01 - 1999-07-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

92 331 € / 40 868 €

Lead partner

VesaP Oy
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