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Environmental protection across borders
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to improve the environmental awareness of the people living in the North-Karelia´s border area villages with the help of proper enlightenment, advice and education. The environment car Kaarna, was going to be used in the execution of the project in the North-Karelia region. Kaarna was going to be used to share the environmental information used to develop the villages and to enhance the people´s opportunities to have effect on the environment in their region by activating the citizens to act individually or as part of groups. The problematic areas for the local environment were going to be mapped during the project and the solution models looked for in cooperation with village citizens, authorities and other actors. The municipalities were going to be encouraged to compose local sustainable development programmes. The topics of the enlightenment done during the project were, among the others, the landscape nursing, waste treatment, environment protection and the recreational use of nature. The project was going to have positive reflex impacts in the Republic of Karelia, because the project planners had taken into account the circumstances of the Republic of Karelia at the time. The project also aimed to export the knowledge about the environmental protection and the recycling technology to Karelia with the help of information visits, bringing the Republic of Karelia closer to North-Karelia at the same time.

Main activities


Basic information


Environmental protection across borders


1970-01-01 - 1997-01-01

Total Budget / Programme funding

38 684 € / 19 342 €

Lead partner

ELY centre, North Karelia
Lead partner web-site