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Environmental Cluster of Northern Ostrobothnia, Directing the Business of to Northwestern Russia
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The goal was to support the cross-border cooperation of Northern Ostrobothnia environmental cluster and increase the activities of the actors of the environmental cluster to Northwest Russia by 20 percent prior to conclusion of the project.

Main activities

• Conduction of a detailed market analysis to assess the potential Russian cooperation companies for the companies environmental cluster • Negotiations with Petrozavodsk State University, Arkhangelsk State Technical University, and Murmansk State Technical University on how to assist the companies of the environmental cluster • Creation of an activity programme for the environmental cluster activities in Northwest Russia • Arrangement of three environmental technology seminars.


The completed market study did not seek end customers or partners for product development as originally planned. Instead, it sought potential business partners for the entire scope of the business activity. Two hundred potential partners were found. The detailed operational environment analysis was not completed, as the project did not reach a phase that would make it meaningful. The project discussed the possibilities of assisting the companies in the environmental cluster with Petrozavodsk State University, Arkhangelsk State Technical University, and Murmansk State Technical University. The research concluded that the best method was to arrange adult education-type workshop and seminar functions. The programmes used in the training were to be planned so that they serve companies from both the marketing and technical skill perspectives. An activity programme was created for the environmental cluster activities in Northwest Russia. However, it was considerably more limited in size than originally planned. This was a result of not being able to create enough cross-border industry-specific cooperation within the clusters. Therefore, the content of the activity programme could not be made extensive. The created activity programme was included as a part of the activities of the environmental cluster. The project arranged three environmental technology seminars, one in St. Petersburg and two in Oulu. The number of contacts in Northwest Russia was increased and, as a result of the seminars, two new business cooperation relationships were established.

Basic information



2002-04-01 - 2004-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

173 734 € / 120 422 €

Lead partner

Oulu Regional Business Agency
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Petrozavodsk State University
OOO Sistaja Voda