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Employers meets youngsters (KA1011)
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Mapping the need of workforce for the hotel, restaurant and tourism trade in North Karelia and the Republic of Karelia now and in the future, finding the best way to successfully match the manpower with the employers and a way to avoid the looming future shortage of labour for the industry.

Main activities

• Preparing a situation review through negotiations with the members of Sortavala Tourism Association, the tourism and information centre of the Republic of Karelia and among the tourism entrepreneurs in North Karelia – how do they see the situation with regard to availability of skilled labour at present and what is there view on the needs in the future • Studies on the interest and prospects of the businesses for welcoming trainees and disabled workers and participating in international trainee exchange • The possibility of initiating a type of Young persons’ workshop activity in the educational establishments will be studied and also in what form should it be arranged, to enable the young to consider how to approach an employer • Arranging joint meetings of representatives of employers and educational establishments. The object of the meetings is to reflect on how the curriculums match the employers’ needs. • Testing the present electronic channels available between students and employers for job-seeking


The main activities of the project were to carry out a situational survey among the members of the Sortavala Tourism Association, the Tourism and Information Center of the Republic of Karelia, the entrepreneurs of the tourism industry in North Karelia, and the educational institutions of the region, about the current situation in obtaining a skilled workforce and their vision of future needs. On the basis of the situation survey, items were selected that were subjected to more in-depth surveys and interviews. The project also explored the feasibility of launching a Youth Ideapaja type activity in educational institutions where young people could reflect on how to approach the employer. On the basis of the study, it can be stated that there is already a shortage of labor in Ladoga Karelia and in North Karelia. Educational institutions educating students in the field have been informed about the labor situation and future prospects of companies. Companies in the industry have, however, become aware of the prevalence of the problem and may in the future develop measures together with educational institutions to prevent labor shortages, for example through joint projects.he present electronic channels available between students and employers for job-seeking

Basic information




2018-10-08 - 2019-03-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

34 804 € / 31 323 €

Lead partner

Tasemark Oy
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Governmental autonomic vocational college of Sortavala