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Education of employees in construction and real estate sector in Leningrad Region (SE718)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective of the project was to develop and implement sustainable co-operation models in the Southeast Finland - Russia cross-border region, which will increase capacity, improve quality and strengthen efficiency of workforce and adult education in construction and real estate sector in Leningrad oblast, enabling sustainable increase in housing construction.

Main activities

- Plan and design of the concept for adult education in construction and real estate sectors in the Leningrad Region - Selection of the contents for and realization of two training pilots - Selection of the participating construction and real estate companies for the pilot trainings - Comparison of Russian and Finnish training programmes in terms of training requirements for theory and practice. Identification of needs for training of migrant building workers. - Selection of the training contents to be developed in Finnish-Russian collaboration on 5-6 adult education subjects to be implemented in Leningrad Region. - Development of competence-based training methods and qualifications. - Update and dissemination of the existing study materials / multimedia. - Realisation of study materials for construction workers especially for the needs of Leningrad Region. - Realisation of study materials for the supervisor level training. - Information campaign to improve the brand value of training programs in construction and real estate in the Leningrad Region. - Project management. - Monitoring and evaluation. - Dissemination of information on results / outputs and best practices.


The project's objectives were reached by planning the concept for a joint adult education center, implementation of two pilot training projects and by developing the training methods and updating and distributing the existing training materials/multimedia contents. Until the end of the project period two pilot trainings were completed, one for supervisors and one for workers. Training materials were completed, three for supervisors and five for workers. Project also updated and translated into Russian digital instruction material (DigiRatu). The concept for a joint adult education center was completed. Concept based on the Vocational Adult Education Centre in Finland, and this provided a practical model for the classrooms and training facilities to copy into force in Russia. The project has published several training materials and instruction material as books for future use at Russian construction organizations, and instruction material in digital form free for registered users in Finland and in Russia. In addition to its main objectives the project has cooperated closely with ENPI co-funded project EDUSTROI that may increase sustainability of the funded actions.

Basic information