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Education for Sustainable Water Use (KA5038)
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Launching a system of efficient water use education launched in Petrozavodsk, Joensuu and Kitee.

Main activities

• Development of educational methods and competences - Organization of workshops, webinars in Petrozavodsk and Joensuu for the pedagogues of schools and kindergartens; - Study visits for Finnish and Russian participants to St. Petersburg Children’s Environmental Center of the Water Channel Company and the Water Museum; - Organization of the mutual study visits to North Karelia and Petrozavodsk for the pedagogues. • Development of educational methods - Organization of the contest on the best lesson on water story among pedagogues of kindergartens and schools; - Publication of guidebook with the best lessons on water for the teachers. - Presentation in Petrozavodsk of Finnish Water lessons for the children: methods, contents, experience. • Capacity building of personnel of Water Channel company - Experience exchange visit to Joensuu for the workers of Petrozavodsk Water Channel company - Experience exchange visit to Children’s Educational Center in St.Petersburg • Launching a Water Info-Center - Developing a concept of the Water Center. - Producing contents and design of the exhibition - Carrying out interior design works, production and mounting of display equipment. • Dissemination and awareness raising - Contests of visual production (video, posters) among schoolchildren in Petrozavodsk and North Karelia, related to sustainable water use, local lakes, etc. - Launching a web-site for the Water Info-center and starting up own pages in social networks - Production of regular news coverage in online mass media, TV and social networks in Petrozavodsk and Joensuu - Outreach activities, presenting the Water Info-Center in the city’s schools and educational institutions


Basic information




2018-10-15 - 2022-04-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

459 568 € / 402 918 €

Lead partner

Swedish-Karelian Business and Information Centre
Lead partner web-site


Education Development Center
Joint Stock Company Petrozavodsk Communal Systems - Whater Channel
Art Deco Ltd
Finnish Environment Institute
Information Educational Center of St.Petersburg Water Channel