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Ecologically Friendly Port (SE747)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Improving the environmental status of the Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland by establishing close cooperation between citizens, port actors and authorities on the base of green value, green economy and ecological mentality aimed at sustainable regional development. Improving ability of the ports to combine sustainable growth and development of the environmental protection. Improving the municipalities ability to enhance environmental safety issues. Increasing awareness of the citizens and all stakeholders about advantageous green thinking approach in sustainable development of the region.

Main activities

- Analyzing the environmental status and developing compensatory measures. - Environmental monitoring and regulation. - Co-operation with stakeholders in the port area.


Objectives have been realized in working together with ordinary citizens, the enterprises as well as the Ports in Finland and in Russia. The project’s action packages have contributed to the overall sustainable development in the fields of ecological monitoring, measuring the air emissions as well as the noise levels in the ports, improving the energy effectiveness, preparing scientific articles and studies on the maritime and dredging issues. During the implementation process, the project gained wide visibility from the media outlets both in Finland and in Russia. Among the most significant final results of the implemented activities are the following: 1) Preparation of the various practical recommendations concerning the future development measures in the ports of HaminaKotka and Ust-Luga. 2) Significant amount of scientific publications, studies and analyses that were prepared and published in English, Russian and Finnish 3) Organization of the work of the Ecomonitoring center and its staff trained 4) Extensive field surveys hydrometeorological and maritime components affecting the Luga Bay ecosystem 5) Summary concerning the policy guidelines and benchmarking the best practices in Finland and Russia 6) Arranging of various Project-related thematic social events e.g. Festival of Water and Green mentality photo contest.

Basic information


Ecologically Friendly Port


2012-12-01 - 2014-11-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

570 140 € / 456 112 €

Lead partner

Russian State Hydrometeorological University
Lead partner web-site


Ust-Luga Company JSC
University of Turku Centre for Maritime Studies
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences