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Ecological Restoration of Arctic Rivers (KO1078 ReArc)
Funded by Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

On a global level man has always modified the water flow in rivers. River flow has been channelized because of timber floating. Forests and agricultural land have been drained. Construction of a road or railway crossing a river may have meant a change in the water flow. This has in many cases led to migration barriers for many aquatic species, nutrients and heavy metals released from the ground to the river, and erosion of the ground All this has a negative effect on river biodiversity.

Main activities

ReArc expects strive to achieve the following measurable results: 198 km of watercourse will be mapped in preparation for ecological restoration; 208 km of watercourse will be restored to increase the ecological status; 33 migration barriers for fish and other organisms will be remediated, which will open up 553 km of watercourse accessible for migration; 32 destroyed spawning areas for fish will be restored; 9 km of erosion protection will be rebuilt with regard to the environment; 3 km of flooding- or erosion protection will be moved or removed


Basic information