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Development of tree plantations for tailings dumps afforestation and phytoremediation in Russia (KA394)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to develop green environmental technology such as, phytoremediation and bio-leaching to control incoming water flow at mine sites and landfills for environmental rehabilitations and developing environmental protection methods.

Main activities

• Preliminary survey and plantation site selection. • Collecting soil and water samples for monitoring control measuring and characterizing the chemical compounds of soil, groundwater, surface water and irrigation water in the R&D areas. • Establishing experimental units and planting of willow cuttings. • Measurement of the annual yield of willow. • Chemical analysis of soil, water, and plants samples. • Developing model and testing of biomass for growth, yield and phytoremediation productivity in different climatic and growth conditions. • Evaluation based on the final results, providing to mining and municipalities’ waste management industries networks to generalize business concepts of environmental technology and utilization of biomass for economic development . Long-term training development.


In many countries there are numerous polluted sites, such as mining and landfill areas, contaminated with metals. The scientific study composed in this project gives a preliminary idea to establish green covering vegetation to produce good biomass in those polluted and landfill areas by stimulating the growths and reducing the heavy metals through up taking plants for environmental rehabilitations and protection. The study also gives a preliminary knowledge for municipal waste management to reduce the content of pollutants and/or excess nutrients in water and soils.

Basic information