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Development of the Ilomantsi Haapovaara border crossing point
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The development of the Haapovaara border crossing point and the widening of the border crossing system, which had been the issue of negotiations since the 1970s, was brought up again by the municipality of Ilomantsi in cooperation with the Finnish Customs, Border Guard, the State Real Estate Institute and the Enso Ltd. (nowadays Stora Enso). This came up after the North-Karelia regional council had set the Haapovaara border crossing point as a primary development target after the Niirala border crossing point at the meeting dated 23.8.1999. The applying project was meant to create the conditions for the enlargement and development of the border crossing. The project aimed to widen the border crossing system of the Haapovaara contemporary border crossing point in a way that allows Finnish and Russian citizens to cross the border with a visa. The project was going to include the general plan for the border crossing point, the composing of general improvement plan for the 2.5 kilometre long road and the execution of the first phase of the general improvement as a part of the project. In addition, other basic structures, such as electronic arrangements, earthmoving works, the road arrangements, the barrier and other equipment required by the operations were going to realised. The project was connected to the touristic exploitation of the Russian side of Koitajoki River, wood traffic and the Euregio Karelia project of the Council of North-Karelia. The project was also going to improve the regional development in Ilomantsi and the whole North-Karelia as well as the cooperation of companies and the business life across the border and shorten time of transportation between Joensuu and Petrozavodsk.

Main activities


Basic information


Development of the Ilomantsi Haapovaara border crossing point


1999-11-15 - 2001-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

252 476 € / 137 347 €

Lead partner

Municipality Ilomantsi
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