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Development of Imatra-Svetogorsk automobile CBP (LSP SE771)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective of the project was intensification of local and regional economic development by improving international traffic communications between Russia and Finland on the road Vyborg-Svetogorsk-Imatra. Opening of the international BCP Imatra-Svetogorsk increased traffic flow on this road and the carrying capacity and conditions on the old bridge over Storozhevaya river constituted a bottleneck, traffic safety on this section of the road was insufficient. Construction of the new bridge started in 2006, however was interrupted in 2008 due to instability of the slopes of the approaches of the bridge. It was important to finalise reconstruction of the bridge using new available technologies.

Main activities

1st stage - preparatory: - widening of the existing road at the Km 231 using non-explosive techniques; - transfer of the traffic in the Km 231 to the widened section of the road; - improvement of the geological properties of ground in the river valley in areas of approach embankments from the river side for ensuring the execution of works; 2nd stage - primary: - to remove of a monolithic transition plate on the OK8 column; - to remove approach embankments within the left bank and right bank flyover; - Construction of the end columns OEP1 and OEL7 and the intermediate columns OEL1 - OEL6 and OEP2 ; - reconstruction of the columns OK1 and OK8 with strengthening of the OK1 by the use of pre-stressed reinforcement, fixed on columns’ footing with tightening abuts and dead anchors in rocks’ «forehead» on the picket 227+10 under the OEP1 column; - installation and association of the spans’ beams of flyover parts; - building of the bridge floor; - building of the connection with the embankment;


Objectives were reached by the following activities: 1) reinforcement of the existing and construction of the lacking part of the bridge; 2) construction of the approach roads. All activities have been implemented, although part of the works had to be finalised after the project end which was 31.12.2014 (i.e works were finished in 2015) using own regional funds. The following works have been done: reconstruction of the main columns; replacing of rubber bearings and beveled bearing plates; reinforcement of additional concrete layers; construction of approach slabs; construction of bridge deck; asphalt pavement on the bridge and its approaches; reinforcement of spans with polymer materials; installation of guard rails; installation of road signs. Official ceremony of opening of the bridge was 19.11.2015.

Basic information


Development of Imatra-Svetogorsk automobile CBP


2012-12-14 - 2014-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

7 599 999 € / 6 079 999 €

Lead partner

The Road Committee of the Leningrad region
Lead partner web-site


Finnish Transport Agency
Road administration of the Leningrad region
City of Svetogorsk