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Development of forest fire risk assessment capacity and collaboration in the context of climate change (KA2013)
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Improving knowledge and collaboration in the field of forest fire risk assessment targeting more effective capacity building planning.

Main activities

• Clarification of the role, tasks and responsibilities of stakeholders in the field of forest fire risk assessment and management. • Stakeholders consultation to identify the different needs, expectations and capacities regarding forest fire monitoring, management and modeling. Forest fire risk areas and bottle necks are identified. • Conducting a review of available open source tools and codes that would be implementable for the monitoring and modeling of forest fires. The improvement needs of the tools and codes as well as the capacity of stakeholders to use those tools will be assessed. Data availability and collection capabilities will be assessed. Methods and devices required to collect missing data will be compared for ensuring sustainable development and continuity in the activities to be implemented. • Information packages will be produced and provided to stakeholders about the bottlenecks and weaknesses in the current situation, the desired situation to reach and the possible paths how to reach this situation.


It became evident during the micro project, that forest fire risk assessment and management is an issue that concerns large number of organizations managing natural resources or infrastructures on both sides of the border, as well as affecting the societies in general. Effective prevention and mitigation are needed to protect the communities and environment.

Basic information


Fire brake


2018-10-04 - 2019-03-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

50 000 € / 45 000 €

Lead partner

Arbonaut Ltd
Lead partner web-site


The State Government-financed Institution “National park “Vodlozerskiy”