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Developing and furnishing the Zipringa Wilderness Center
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The use of investments and development activity in Finland and Russia was intended to bring the the Zipringa Wilderness Center travel services up to a level that would meet the needs of international business travelers. Moreover, the project was to promote Idän Revontulet Oy’s business activities in Finland, to improve efficiency in the Russian side of the joint venture with travel services, and to improve availability for international business traveler groups.

Main activities

• Construction of new separate washroom facilities in addition to saunas, expanding of the restaurant, renewal of the meeting technology • Acquirement of new winter and summer safari equipment for Kuusamo and Zipringa including 13 new snowmobiles, a ski-trail machine and boats • Adding two new snowmobile routes with a new ski-trail machine, • Arrangement of guide training as well as electrical and construction training for the employees of the Paanajärvi joint venture, • Renewal of the company website and translating it into English and Russian, • Promotion of Idän Revontulet Oy’s operations in Finland and improvement of the joint-venture activities relating to travel services in Russia by employing a Russian speaking key member of staff and through personnel training.


In addition to constructing saunas at the Zipringa Wilderness Center, new separate washroom facilities were built, the restaurant was expanded and the meeting technology renewed. New winter and summer safari equipment to be used in Kuusamo and Zipringa was acquired for Idän Revontulet Oy; this equipment included 13 new snowmobiles, a ski-trail machine and boats. The number of snowmobile routes was also increased with the addition of two new tracks, and track creation was more reliable due to the use of the new ski-trail machine. Receiving international business travelers has become possible through investments made in the project, and the level of service at the wilderness centre is now sufficient and meets the demanding needs of modern wilderness travel. One person worked on international marketing in the project. A person was also appointed to handle the marketing in Russia. An agent from France was acquired to handle marketing for Central Europe. The opening of the Salla and Kuusamo international border crossing points has eased the development of travel services.

Basic information




2001-12-31 - 2006-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

147 025 € / 35 283 €

Lead partner

Idän Revontulet Oy
Lead partner web-site


Paanajärvi joint venture