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CYB – Connecting Young Barents (KO441)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The project aims at making a contribution to the identity building of the people living in the northern regions. This will be done via culture and promoting people-to-people and civil society contacts at the local level The objective is to create a communication network among creative young people and youth workers to stimulate identity among people interested in youth sub-cultures and self-realization in the Barents region.

Main activities

The project arranged 8 matchmaking meetings for people working with youth projects. Totally over 80 people participated. Eight thematic youth music festivals are implemented. About 360 musicians took part in the activities. Six photo exhibitions are conducted in the period of project implementation. 1 virtual photo exhibition and 5 both physical and virtual photo exhibitions were implemented in Russia, Norway and Finland. Over 200 pictures of young non-professional photographers participated in the exhibitions. Best photos were included in the photo book, devoted to Connecting Young Barents project. An express-polling was carried out, revealing the needs and demands of the young people and their attitude towards living in the Barents region. About 2000 young people participated in the polling. Two music master-classes, held by professional experts were implemented. About 80 youngsters took part in the workshops. A workshop for photographers was arranged, where 10 photograpers participated.


The project has given young people of the programme region an arena to interact internationally, and to express themselves. Music, photos, and meeting and getting to know each other has been central. The young people may have got experiences that open their eyes to new viewpoints to the region, maybe encourage to stay on the region and encourage to cooperate across the borders.

Basic information




2012-06-27 - 2015-03-26

Total Budget / Programme funding

704 561 € / 634 105 €

Lead partner

Non-commercial partnership
Lead partner web-site


Municipality of Inari/ Department of education and culture / Youth work
Murmansk regional youth fund
Municipality of Alta, department
City of Tornio/ youth department