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Cross-Border Move for Health (KA461)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective was to increase the knowledge of health and wellbeing of the children and the youth in North Karelia and in the Republic of Karelia and to increase the physical activity of adapted physical activity -groups in the area.

Main activities

• Developing new practices for increasing overall physical activity. • Producing education materials and reports of seminars. • Organizing education, seminars and specialist exchange. • Producing articles and information for the journals, press and other media.


Training, various events, and meetings have all partly improved know-how regarding adapted physical activities. Changes have been made in specific training frameworks. For example, the partners pointed out that "starting 2014, students of physical education will have the option to specialize in adapted physical activities". Also educational material was produced. Visibility for adapted physical activities was also created. Many training events and seminars were considered to be important and successful, such as the seminar on adapted physical activities held in Joensuu, the congress for physical education teachers in Petrozavodsk, as well as the adapted physical activities camp in Joensuu. During the project, the significance of adapted physical exercise was improved, and it has been understood that it also needs to be emphasized on a governmental level.

Basic information