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Creating readable smart card for tourism in Ruka ski Resort
Funded by Interreg II Karelia 1996-1999

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to create one a diverse, rechargeable and remote readable smart card for tourism in Kuusamo, which was going to allow the using and paying for services with one card. The card could be obtained at a service point, via the Internet or via a mobile phone. The system was located on a community server that maintained a database of card payment transactions, including credit limits granted, amounts, card top-ups, and actual use of money in the service area. The system included a lift pass, a hotel key, payment at a restaurant, a rental system and terminals for other entrepreneurs with checkout functions. This card was intended primarily for international customers, making it easier for them to make transactions in the region. Ruka paid special attention to increasing the number of Russian tourists. Currently, about 10% of the total number of visitors are Russians, and the goal was to increase this share to 35% over the next six years.

Main activities


Basic information


Creating readable smart card for tourism in Ruka ski Resort


1999-10-12 - 2001-06-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

42 046 € / 29 432 €

Lead partner

Rukakeskus Oy
Lead partner web-site