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Contemprorary old city: Enchancing cultural tourism across the border (KA366)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The project aimed to increase culturally-based tourism and to create permanent means to develop and market North Karelia and Republic of Karelia as culturally attractive tourist destination for tourists within the regions and from outside.

Main activities

• Assessment of the current situation and strategy planning, • Development of new products (e.g. mobile applications) and routes for tourists, • Development of Kizhi Museum’s Old Smithy in the Historical quarter of Petrozavodsk, • Development of a web-based platform for the culturally and historically orientated tourist info, • Networking and marketing.


Activities of the project were aimed at promoting historical and cultural sights and activities in Petrozavodsk and Joensuu, and in the respective regions. The inventory of territories’ cultural and historical possibilities, existing information sources, needs and future potential were carried out. Thereafter, strategy for tourism development was elaborated in Petrozavodsk and a programme to intensify culturally-based tourism in Joensuu. The main outputs - annual calendar of events, two new routes, two mobile applications, and the development of Old Smithy concept – are offering new tourism products and basis for further developments. For example, a tourist attraction Old Smithy was developed. On its basement new services will be offered to tourists, such as master classes and excursions. According to the department of tourist and excursion services of Kizhi Old Smithy and the new services rouse high interest among Petrozavodsk tourist companies.

Basic information