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ConEct – Economical, Ecological and Social Construction (KO390)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The purpose of the was to increase knowledge and understanding of respective career development systems, compare them and jointly plan and further develop vocational education. Also to bring education closer, reduce barriers and facilitate flexibility for students and workers in the Barents Region. A central objective of the project was to improve the quality and quantity of students and experts who move across borders, by developing and testing such a system in practice, and by establishing an active and committed network. Another important objective of the project is to establish, strengthen and develop cross-border networks and business relationships among small and medium enterprises in the Barents Region.

Main activities

Careful planning of the project actions came first, including a Kick off meeting. Each partner arranged a partner meeting where partners and participants got to know the school, premises, vocational education and partner companies (SMEs) in practice. The partner meeting was followed by an on-the-job learning period for students who accomplished a two week working period in either partner school, with local students, or in companies. The project arranged several On-the-Job-learning periods, in all participating countries, for students from all countries. Regular partner meetings in all countries were arranged, where experiences and previous OTJ learning periods and othe arctivities were evaluated. The project also arranged: - seminars and education on cultures and languages - study visits - experts meetings - teachers’ meetings and teachers’ exchange


The action has had a positive impact on organizational, local, regional and international levels between vocational education and training, and SMEs. A strong, active and committed partnership was established, the quality and amount of student and expert mobilities increased significantly (totally 422 mobilities were carried out during the project) The outcomes can and will be used and updated by all parts in education and working life, and cross-border cooperation will continue also after the project. A list of some outcomes: • Vocational Dictionary • Working Safety Handbook • Language & Cultural training • Working Life Chamber • Common Student mobility system

Basic information