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Clean Rivers to Healthy Baltic Sea (SE717)
Funded by South-East Finland - Russia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

To create basic precondition for improving water quality and restore Natural biodiversity of Luga river, that will contribute to reduce the nutrient load to the Baltic Sea and to solve tasks of the Baltic Sea Action Plan. Cooperation development between Russian and Finnish official, scientific, educational and non-governmental organizations, as well as enterprises of different ownership forms, for the Environment protection, improve the life quality and protection of water sources of the Baltic Sea basin.

Main activities

- Environment and biodiversity assessment of the pilot Saba, Yaschera and Luga Rivers and their basins; - Collecting water protection experience from the Kymijoki River and Saimaa Lake (Finland) - Creation of the System of long-range goals of improving the river water quality and the Concept of the Luga River environment management; - Environmental interactive map of Luga River basin - Monitoring of Luga River water quality and biodiversity - The Concept and the Strategy of Saba River and Yaschera River basins; - The Concept and the Strategy of Luga River Environment Management - Development and deployment of visual information set about the Luga River and rules to behave in the recreation areas; - Analysis and estimation of municipal wastes management, re-use and deposition; - Preliminary planning of farm-scale biogas plant in Osmino settlement; - Training seminars for authorities, enterprises and residents on environment and legislation issues; - Environmental assessment of pilot farm "Partisan" and calculation of nutrient flows; - Design and construction documents of manure holding system preparing and passing through the State Ecological Expertise; - Advising and assistance in environment management documents preparing for three farms; - Environmental handbook - Promotion of basic organic principles to private farms and consumers and assistance to pilot farm to transfer to organic type of production; -. Social study of local social groups interest to environment protection; - Training of schoolchildren in four schools to assess water quality; - Assistance in organizing common events of cleaning and greening of the coastal territories of pilot villages; - Development of three projects of beach improvement and support at pilot places; - Russian - Finnish round table in Luga town - Summer courses for international students on theme "Water protection" at Luga area - Russian-Finnish trips for authorities, public leaders, agricultural enterprises’ staff, scientists and schoolchildren; - Final Workshop at Mikkeli and Luga including Russian - Finnish exhibition of paintings and photographs at Mikkeli and Luga.


The objectives were realized by working in mutual cooperation with all of the partners taking actively part in the project’s implementation process. Among the most significant final results of the implemented activities are the following: Luga river preservation and improvement its water quality and biodiversity, Creation of a database of living organisms in Luga, Saba and Yashera rivers and analysis of water samples from them, The List of Hot Spots of the Luga river, The Environment interactive map of Luga river basin, Visual boards were installed at selected locations on the bank of Luga river, Participation of the local schoolchildren in the school ecological groups in the action for river beach cleaning in Luga and mapping of illegal dumping, Environmental consulting for farms and preparation of the technical regulations required by Russian law, Preparation of the special educational book “Basic principles of organic agriculture”, Study trips to Finland and several training seminars and workshops in both countries, Preparation of the several thematical handbooks and illustrated ABC-book for younger schoolchildren, Creation and development of the Project Website, Final workshop and the Russian – Finnish photo competition and exhibition “Water World”.

Basic information