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Clean Ladoga (KA526)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Improvement of water resources management and utilization in the Northern Ladoga region. Identification and introduction of efficient measures for reducing the negative anthropogenic impacts on the ecosystem of Lake Ladoga in order to increase the fish population and to make drinking water quality better.

Main activities

• Mapping of water and bio-resources. • Introduction of pre-investment measures and investment planning. • Implementation of a pilot investment project. • Environmental engineering and water resources management education. • Dissemination and multiplication.


Full information, maps and data on current condition of Northern Ladoga ecosystem. The result is fully achieved through a comprehensive research component of the project. All reports made by researchers are available in electronic (pdf) and printed versions. The scientific justification/substantiation of establishment of Special Protected Nature Area along the Syskyanjoki River and the proposal to the Ministry of Nature Management and Ecology of RK is considered by project partners as the most valuable output of biological research. Recommendations and pre-investment measures based on the modern technologies developed and handed over to local and regional stakeholders. Local communal service companies and local and regional authorities received feasible recommendations how to improve the sewage treatment systems in the selected municipalities. Five feasibility studies were delivered to Administrations of Olonets, Pitkjaranta and Sortavala districts and to the Ministry for Construction, Housing and Energy of RK. These feasibility studies contain also technical and financial proposals from leading companies in the field of waste water treatment. The list of equipment, drawings and financial calculations could provide the basis for Project and Design Documentations development in coming years. Pilot infrastructural project is implemented Since November 2014 about 800-900 m3 of sewage water pumped and properly treated on the Sortavala Sewage Treatment Plant every month. In January 2015 the official opening of the constructed object by the Governor Alexander Hudilainen took place in Sortavala. New technologies and knowledge in the field of sustainable natural resources management are obtained by local and regional organisations and experts. The result was achieved through the following training activities: 2 training seminars and 2 Study tours. The participants gained practical knowledge about up-to-date technologies and organizational principles of the waste water treatment process.

Basic information


Clean Ladoga


2013-01-13 - 2014-12-31

Total Budget / Programme funding

746 811 € / 596 701 €

Lead partner

ANO “Energy Efficiency Centre”
Lead partner web-site


Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Joensuu office
Closed JSC Karelvodokanal
Non-profit partnership “Centre for Problems of the North, Arctic and Cross-border Cooperation”
ELY Centre, Oulu office