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Cities by the water –new opportunities for business development (KA182)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to facilitate business development through upgrading competence and improved spatial planning.

Main activities

• Spatial planning, facilitating business development. • Development and introduction of new tools for Russian and Finnish entrepreneurs and business advisors to promote cross-border trade. • Marketing and dissemination Activities on the Finnish side are concentrated on development and promotion of cross-border business contacts. Also, a concept of development of waterfront zone in Joensuu will be outworked.


Architectural development concept “City by the Water” covering Petrozavodsk´s waterfront between district of Solomennoye and Southern industrial zone was elaborated and an architectural concept “Old City” proposed for the historical quarter of Petrozavodsk. Accomplishment works were carried out at the historical quarter of Petrozavodsk. Recommendations on spatial planning of central zone of Sortavala were elaborated and recommendations on accomplishment of riverside territories in Joensuu center and Penttiläranta area were proposed. A marketing plan for waterfront areas of Petrozavodsk was developed, marketing recommendations for Sortavala were elaborated and a concept of branding was proposed for Petrozavodsk. Activities on development and marketing of Meijerinranta in Kitee and Paksuniemi in Kesälahti were implemented. An international consulting center was established on the basis of Business Incubator of Republic of Karelia. A database of documents, required for opening own business in Finland, was collected and made available from Business Incubator of Republic of Karelia as well as from Liferay website in Finnish and Russian. A study programme on skills of running business in Russia for foreign entrepreneurs was elaborated by Karelian Regional Institute of Management, Economy and Law.

Basic information