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CETIA – Coastal environment, technology and innovation in the Arctic (KO187)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of CETIA is to increase knowledge and provide innovative solutions on how to address common environmental challenges in the Barents region. To this end, CETIA will contribute to develop - new approaches to monitor the coastal environment, and - new technologies of bio-remediation, and establish cross-border cooperation in academic training.

Main activities

Exchange of lecturers for master courses in ‘Safety and environmental management’ Develop master programme in ‘Environmental Management in the Arctic’ Research and scientific reports on the following: • Sensitivity of coastal ecosystems – comparison of alternative methods • Artificial sorbents • Algea-based bioremediation • Development of molecular tools for monitoring of microbial communities used for oil-spill bioremedia • Risk, reliability and maintainability analysis of artificial sorbents and algae-based bioremediation • King crab as an indicator species for oil pollution monitoring


The project has worked on technological innovation regarding oil spills, specializing on the sensitive coastal environment in the Arctic. It resulted in an integrated approach, with specific packages on environmental science, technology, innovation and education. Special focus was on oil discharge, processes of bioremediation, monitoring of coastal environments and safety training.

Basic information