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Bringing back the salmon to the Oulu and Lososinka Rivers
Funded by Euregio Karelia Neighbourhood Programme 2001-2006

Objective of the project

The main purpose of the project was to determine the conditions for bringing back fish of value in constructed water systems as well as find technical solutions to remove the obstacles to migration. The purpose was also to develop a cooperation network of specialists, research facilities and authorities for future projects.

Main activities

• Conducting extensive research and reports regarding bringing back fish of value to the Oulu and Lososinka Rivers.


Extensive research and reports were made in the project regarding bringing back fish of value to the Oulu and Lososinka Rivers. Based on the results, there are sufficient grounds for building fish ways in the Oulu River: the planners decided to recommend primarily natural bypasses which can also be used as spawning and fish fry production areas, which are lacking in the Oulu River. Both the enabling of natural breeding and the wishes of the local residents (requirements of fishing) must be taken into consideration. These targets can be combined, and natural breeding will encourage fishing in the river area, even though it will not change the need to plant new fish. There are also good biological grounds for reviving the salmon in the River Lososinka, and based on the report, no legal hindrances exist either. The city is interested in solutions that increase the recreational and landscape value of the area. Out of the three remaining dams, it is no longer necessary to preserve the middle and the uppermost ones, the lower dam is still important in maintaining the water level of the backwater and swimming area in the river. However, it would be possible to enable salmon migration past the lower dam and, at the same time, pay attention to its scenic impression. Removing the two remaining dams would eradicate or reduce the two uppermost backwater ponds, which could be seen as detrimental to the scenery. On the other hand, the dam structures themselves impair the landscape, and reconstructing the original river landscape and bringing back the fish breeding area would be seen as positive steps. It is also possible to retain the water levels, but that would require substantial alteration works to the dams. Further information on the subject is available in the project report (SY 5/2008). A further project for the Oulu River, financed by the European Regional Development Fund, is planned.

Basic information