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Boosting Forest Cluster SME Business in two Karelias (KA4002)
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Increasing cross-border business activities and cooperation of SMEs in forest sector.

Main activities

• Established model for cross-border forestry services. Analysing applicability of Finnish forestry services in Russian conditions and testing export of forestry services from Finland to Karelia. Mapping needs and possibilities for increasing cross-border activities in SMEs, for example use of occasional Russian work force in Finland. Business models, risks, operational peculiarities (vs. norms) will be analysed and service potential has been assessed. • Knowledge intensive services. Training packages offer theory and practical competences in the framework of Petrozavodsk training center, activities are organised in both sides of the border. Contents include all steps of wood production and they are based on need analysis in companies. • New services for producing up to date and precise information about state and changes of forest areas. High resolution remote sensing and drone data will be used to provide information for companies and forest owners according to their specific needs, for example concerning forest damages, harvesting and regeneration areas, stand quality, accessibility and conditions of harvesting sites, and status of infrastructure.


Basic information