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Better life for Karelian villages (KA136)
Funded by Karelia ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The objective of the project was to support year-round living and small-scale rural tourism development in the Karelian villages.

Main activities

• General planning including land use architectural design, construction, reconstruction and use of built facilities. • Reconstructing a traditional log house with washing facility including toilets, shower and laundry for residents and visitors. • Reconstruction of roofs in log houses.


Thanks to the project new and more environmentally friendly technologies for upgrading housing in villages were demonstrated. Use of new technologies will allow local people and other owners of the historical houses to preserve their buildings and at the same time to enhance living conditions. In terms of preserving cultural heritage this project can be called the biggest breakthrough during all 15-year-long period of Kinerma development. Establishment of a public laundry will enhance living conditions of the local people and guests of the village. Centralized laundry will also improve the quality of drinking water in public wells, because local people used to wash clothes near the wells and to spill dirty water close by. Repairs of roofs of 6 traditional houses are an important input in preservation of traditional architecture. Those works helped to maintain the overall look of the village, prolonged operational time of the buildings and improved living conditions. The project also disseminated information about the products and services of Finnish specialists that are not available on the Russian market so far. For instance, use of waterproof linoleum with a floor trap is not really common in the Republic of Karelia. Therefore, use of this technology is of interest not only for the owners of private houses, but also for the owners of any dwelling. For example, in Petrozavodsk, water still penetrates flooring in bathrooms, what results in mould and reduces the quality of life. As a result of the project two more people started living in the Kinerma village all the year round.

Basic information



2011-04-15 - 2013-04-14

Total Budget / Programme funding

50 000 € / 45 000 €

Lead partner

Friends of Kinerma Association
Lead partner web-site


Karelian Heritage Foundation (former Ladoga's Karelia Foundation)
Kinnermäki Consulting