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Barents Region Transport and Logistics (KO1029 BRTL)
Funded by Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Specific objective of the project: • Better awareness of situation of the main transport corridors in Barents Region. • Increased level of knowledge of the World transport market and impacts on the Barents Region. • Better understanding “Green Transport” concept and its meaning to Barents Region. • Better understanding of current/planned, public/private ITS projects relevant to the Barents region, an implemented ICT based tools supporting the cross-border co-operation • Increased awareness and common understanding of future transport cross-border cooperation through “Action Plan" of the Barents region transport.

Main activities

The project shall facilitate the platform where the authorities responsible for of coordinating of the regional development in the Barents Region can agree upon implementation of the Joint Barents Transport Plan. The target groups are the regional authorities of the Barents Region who are responsible for regional development and especially transport and logistics questions. The beneficiaries are people of the project area who are now suffering from timely non-accessible and other ways limited border crossings and transport networks and who will benefit of improved opportunities of fluent mobility of people, goods and knowledge.


Basic information