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Barents Mediasphere (KO436)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

The overall objective of the project was to improve cross-border communication and information flow within the Barents region. Barents Mediasphere project aimed to create flexible cooperation mechanisms for media in the Barents region.

Main activities

• Increasing Barents region visibility: - Identifying needs of information on Barents region - Developing Barents guide for European media - Integrating Barents information with Circumpolar Arctic information - Organizing Barents information briefings - Monitoring the Barents region visibility in Nordic countries • Establishing Barents editors forum • Improving Barents related and professional expertise of journalists working in the region by arranging training programs and short courses • Stimulating journalists of the Barents region to the existing Barents Press network • Producing and making news and human interest material available - Developing existing websites such as Barentsinfo.org with Barents-related content - Producing “Mixed marriages” documentary - Producing news material • Providing practical help for journalists by offering exchange of desks and assistance for media in cooperation


The project has boosted the cross-border contacts of journalists on the region: given an opportunity to journalism students and journalists to get to know the neighbouring regions in general and the working environment of their colleagues. This is important background knowledge for journalists who handle topics concerning cross-border cooperation and Barents region issues. The project has also boosted cooperation of the media houses in the region. Journalists' (including journalists from outside the region) have got better possibilities of operating in the region.

Basic information



2012-08-25 - 2014-12-24

Total Budget / Programme funding

899 730 € / 809 757 €

Lead partner

Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
Lead partner web-site


State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company “Murman
The Norwegian Barents Secretariat, represented by BarentsObserver