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ArctiChildren InNet (2012-2014) – Empowering School e-Health Model in the Barents region (KO375)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Overall objective of the project was to improve the common challenges of the schoolchildren´s psychical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual health and well-being, security and cultural identity through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applications in the Barents Region. Specific objective of the project was to develop an Empowering School e-Health Model by implementing approaches in every participating country. New school e-Health approaches were to be developed in cross-border cooperation with schoolchildren, parents, teachers, social and health care experts and researchers in the ArtiChildren network.

Main activities

1. creating a cross-border frame of reference about the project cooperation for achieving an empowering school e-Health / e-Learning model 2. action research to assess the actual ICT use, attitudes and needs and benchmarking process to develop school e-Health and e-Learning applications 3. building up an ICT environment (i.e website, virtual environment..) where the dialogue with new interventions and practices will be implemented (described in project purpose) 4. Creating new interventions / practices for starting cross-border empowering school e-Health / e-Learning dialogue at three levels (classroom - , expert-pupils - and home-collaboration level) in each participating country and cross-border 5. Developing of an Empowering School e-Health Model


The project has developed procedures for e-health in schools, through cross-border cooperation between pupils, parents, teachers, experts in social and health care as well as researchers in the ArctiChildren Network. The project has resulted in a model for e-health. It has created a framework for cooperation. During the project, an IT environment has also been built up, where a dialogue with new initiatives and approaches will be implemented on three levels: in the classroom, between expert and student, and between home and school.

Basic information