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AgroPark Alakurtti – the model of cross-border cooperation (KO520)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

Overall objective of the project has been to promote sustainable social and economic development of Alakurtti village, achieved through cross-border cooperation with Finland (Lapland) and Sweden (Norbotten). The long-term goal was to make the whole project area (Lapland, Norrbotten and Murmansk region) attractive for international tourists, business people and investors.

Main activities

• Tourism development activities: research, workshop, study tours to the partners and elaboration of joint tourism offers • Development of infrastructure in Alakurtti: - Design and construction of Guest House (small hotel) - Design and construction of a “Farmer House” in the Agrivillage - Creation of recreation facility (health-and sport center) - Elaboration of design and estimate documentation for the pull-in (road café) and camping - Waste management: Installation and arrangement of the waste compactor site • Agriculture development; research, workshop, study tours to partners • Studying and planning the development possibilities in Alakurtti - Training in business planning - seminar, meetings - Elaboration of professional business plans - Elaboration of Social and Economic Development Program for Alakurtti - Elaboration of Cross-border Cooperation Plan • Studying and discussion on land use issues: research and a seminar • Communication, dissemination and marketing activities - Preparation and publication of information marketing booklet - Development and maintenance of the project web-site - Dissemination of the project materials


Private and public actors got new business contacts, competence and knowledge required for CBC. Newly-established business partnerships will contribute to development of tourism and agriculture in the participating countries, creating new working places and providing good development opportunities for local and regional communities there. Agropark Alakurtti project gave to Salla Municipality good way to develop cross -border business in agriculture. The project work has involved building travel packages. Finland and Russia are ready to offer historical and nature – based cross – border tourist routes. Northern Sweden has ambitious plans to develop cross – border tourist products in cooperation with Russia. A Swedish tour operator is working to implement a snowmobile safari between Sweden and Alakurtti. Also, at least three Swedish companies want to develop fishing tourism in Russia. The project has brought big changes to Alakurtti. First off all a lot of public attention was attracted by the project to the municipality not only in Russia but also abroad. Alakurtti population enjoys new fitness center. Local entrepreneurs having participated in study tours and workshops and obtained knowledge and competence required for carrying out successful business. New enterprises have been established in Alakurtti.

Basic information