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Advanced forest nursery (KA4011)
Funded by Karelia CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

Developing an innovative model of the forest nursery business in Karelia based on the best Finnish practices.

Main activities

• Construction of demo nursery with the best Scandinavian technologies and practices - developing the design and cost estimate for the demo nursery complex - conducting constructing and assembling works including water and power supply • Guidebook for transboundary Forest Nursery business development has been written and drawn up- feasibility analysis. - Feasibility analysis including Cost and Benefit assessment of the nursery enterprising in Karelia in terms of sustainable forestry; - Critical review study of nursery enterprising in Finland looking for an exit from the stagnation; - Practical seminars on acquaintance and sharing an experience in nursery management in Finland and Karelia; • Growing high quality seedlings for the Karelian market - Collect genetically improved seeds; - Arrangement of planting the grown seedlings in the all-Russian day of forest planting - Arrangement study practices for students to acquaint with innovative technologies


Basic information