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Adapting management of Barents forests to future climate and economy conditions (KO4040 IMPRESS)
Funded by Kolarctic CBC 2014-2020

Objective of the project

IMPRESS project addresses the need to combine economic activities in timber industry and long-term values associated with forest ecosystems, such as preservation of biodiversity and carbon storage. Differences among project partner countries in economic and geographic settings call for careful consideration and analysis of existing and emerging forest management practices. IMPRESS project facilitates introduction of sustainable management approaches into commercial forestry operations across the Barents region

Main activities

To reach this goal, project partners will: - identify knowledge gaps limiting use of the most efficient forest management practices, - organize workshops for Russian, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish stakeholders to find out their expectations and demands, - develop training courses and video-guidelines for forester managers, - synchronize interregional forest management and climate resilience strategies. In addition, demonstration areas will be established to showcase sustainable forestry management solutions. Project results will be spread through a web-based platform, where detailed information on sustainable forest management in high latitudes will be available for interested stakeholders and general public. IMPRESS will also pay special attention to cooperation with other forestry initiatives in the Barents region. Such collaboration will enhance joint capitalization and promotion of knowledge and activities aimed at maintenance of valuable northern landscapes.


Basic information




2019-09-20 - 2022-09-30

Total Budget / Programme funding

985 € / 722 €

Lead partner

Swedish Forest Agency
Lead partner web-site


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
JSC Ilim Group
Finnish Association for Nature Conservation