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ABCGheritage – Arctic Biological, Cultural and Geological heritage (KO368)
Funded by Kolarctic ENPI 2007-2013

Objective of the project

- Raised awareness of protected areas and natural values of the Green Belt of Fen-noscandia at schools and public. - Increased sustainable use of protected areas in nature tourism. - Raised awareness of geological heritage at schools, tourism companies and public. - Increased geoturism by utilization of produced materials and infrastructure. - Raised awareness of cultural heritage sites of Pasvik and Lutto river valleys. - Renovated and signed cultural demonstration sites for education and tourism. - Innovative mobile guidance services (gps + internet) in interpretation of geological and cultural heritage for education and tourism. - Improved co-operation between local and regional operators by setting up permanent networks and common development plans.

Main activities

The project prepared information and media material: • The project prepared and circulated a travelling exhibition of the Green Belt of Fennoscandia and its nature. The exhibition has been especially directed to schoolchildren. It was circulated in different towns in the project area. • The 25-minutes-long document and 3-minutes-long advertisement film of Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park. • Education material of the Green Belt of Fennoscandia • The project prepared games, puzzles and information material. Establishment of nature trails: • Nature trail in Lapland reserve, nature trail at Svanhovd, Activities concerning Green Belt of Fennoscandia: • A seminar of the green Belt of Fennoscandia has been arranged. • Development plan of the GBF Activities concerning cultural heritage sites: • Survey of cultural heritage sites • Renovation and signing of cultural heritage sites • Education material of cultural heritage sites • Field training course of cultural heritage sites • Mobile services of cultural heritage Activities around geology and geotourism: • Geological survey of Khibiny Tundras • Geological outdoor map of Khibiny Tundras. • Geological heritage trail in Khibiny Tundras • Geological demonstration sites. • Mobile services of Geology in Pyhä-Luosto NP. • Lapland Tour for Geotourists –guide. • Educational material of geology. • Field training course of geology. • Seminar of geology and geotourism • Geotourism development plan for Pyhä-Luosto NP and Khibiny Activities directed at schools and education, e.g.: • Monitoring system of phenology at schools • Study of the educational impact on schools • Setting up a network of environmental education • Seminar of environmental education Activities aimed at nature tourism: • Development of visitor monitoring system for nature destinations • Survey of tourism companies and impacts of the project • Setting up a network of entrepreneurs • Exhbition plan for new Nature Centre Dissemination of information and project results


Plenty of high-quality material on biological, cultural and geological values of nature protection areas and information about Green Belt of Fennoscandia has reached the different target groups of the action. Environmental education in the Fennoscandian region has taken large leaps forward by the ABCGheritage project. Active dissemination of the project results by Workgroup 5 initiated collaboration with the local decision makers.

Basic information